Workflows that are executed for InterConnect are logged in the database and to the file system. This means that over time, the database and log files will grow. Follow these maintenance steps to maintain a InterConnect system.

To ensure these growing files do not cause performance issues, the following tasks should be completed on a regular basis by a InterConnect administrator. Depending on workflow volumes, this may need to be performed on a monthly basis, or more frequently.

On a production system, if you find that these logs are growing quickly, confirm log settings are set appropriately.

  • Archive outdated database data. This may be done by creating an archive version of that table and transferring database records to the archive table, or the records may be archived to a backup file and deleted from the database. Always confirm your backup before deleting the original data, especially if that data is business critical. The tables that should be regularly archived are:
    • zed_WorkFlowBatchLog
    • zed_Log
    • zed_WorkFlowMessages
  • Archive outdated transaction log files. These files are found in C:/Program Files (x86)/zedIT/zed WorkFlow/service/logs/TransactionXML and should be archived to free up disk space.