This page demonstrates how to get valid XML for an oOrders object using the REST API for InterConnect.

Once the B1WebAPI web service component of InterConnect has been installed and configured, it can be used to view the results of queries and to retrieve valid B1 object XML that has been formatted for SAP Business One.

As an example, to retrieve valid XML for an oOrders object, perform the following steps:

  • Log onto the B1WebAPI website using the username and password that was configured during installation.
  • Navigate to the Test Transactions tab.
  • Select the company and object you’re looking for. In this case, we’ll select an Object Type of oOrders with a Key of 116.
  • Press the Load Objects button to load the XML into the “Core Document Content” section of the Test Transactions page. Note that the object can be access via a direct URL posted at the top of the “Core Document Content” section, in this case http:///object/display/oOrders/116.aspx.
  • Inspect the XML. You can save the XML into a file, which can be used as a sample of XML that has valid B1 formatting for the object type. This type of file is used by the example in Processing an order from a third-party system.