The REST API for InterConnect is accessible via the B1WebAPI web service. This web service provides GET and POST access to query and object data within SAP Business One, adding a layer of security around the data access to ensure your data is protected while still being accessible by authorized applications.

The Portals use the REST API to display query content (both custom and out-of-the-box queries) as well as to update objects (such as orders and invoices). In this way, the REST API has been thoroughly tested since the earliest versions of the Portal products.

REST API Syntax Documentation

The REST API for InterConnect can be accessed via a URL pointing to the B1WebAPI web service. Syntax definitions for the various data types are found below.

Multiple Company Profiles

The B1WebAPI web service may be configured to connect to multiple SAP Business One companies. Upon setting up a company, a profile name is set (see Creating or Updating B1WebAPI Profiles for more details). This profile name can be used to specify which company the REST API provides data for. Without a profile name specified, the REST API will connect to the first company profile on the list of B1WebAPI profiles.

For example, a query in the “Default” profile may be accessed via the URL /query/salesorder.aspx or /Default/query/salesorder.aspx assuming “Default” is the first profile in the list.