The Workflow API for InterConnect provides details on how to configure Workflows for asynchronous access to SAP Business One data. The element definitions below provide an overview of valid syntax for configuring workflows that meet your specific business requirements.

To assist with configuration, we have Examples of standard workflows as well as a guide on how to create custom code to support business logic not available out-of-the-box. Below are element definitions for valid workflow construction.

Key Elements

Sample Usage

This example shows the structure of a Workflow that polls a folder location (C:/uploads/orders/) for XML files, and then processes and loads the processed order into SAP Business One as a new oOrders object. For an in-depth example, see Example: Processing an order from a third-party system.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<WorkFlow xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="" Trace="ON">
        <Name>Local File Sample</Name>
        <Description>Testing new XML File Source</Description>
        <Settings />
    <RetrySettings AllowRetry="true" MaxRetries="3" IntervalInMinutes="5" RetryFolder="RETRY" MaxRetryFailFolder="FAILURE" RetrySuccessFolder="SUCCESS" />
    <MessageSource xsi:type="LocalXmlFile" InputFolder="C:\demo\incoming" OutputFolder="C:\demo\processed" SplitterXPath="" />
    <Schedule Type="Polling" WaitTimeInSeconds="300" />
        <Branch Name="ImportB1ARInvoice">
                <Action xsi:type="B1Object" B1KeyXpath="BOM" Method="insert" B1ObjectType="oOrders" CopyToFolder="SUCCESS" ExceptionFolder="FAILURE" TransformXSLT="Empty.xslt" />