Header defines the metadata about the workflow including details such as the workflow name and description.


    <Name>XML Order Processing Workflow</Name>
    <Description>Processes XML orders loaded into a specific local folder. Loads these orders into SAP Business One as new oOrders objects.</Description>
        <setting name="webURL" type="string" value="http://demo.zedsuite.com/"/>

<Header> Child Elements

  • Name - A brief name of the workflow processor.
  • Description - An optional description of the workflow processor.
  • Settings - This element consists of optional global constant information that can be accessed during the branches/actions of the work flow. For example: Web service URL. Setting contains the following attributes:

    • Name - Name assigned to the setting.
    • Type - Identifying type of the setting, such as string, datetime, int, etc.
    • Value - Value of the specified setting.