This element contains information about the retry capabilities of this workflow. Retries in this instance refer to the ability of the workflow to retry transactional type actions such as B1Object etc.


<RetrySettings AllowRetry="true" MaxRetries="3" RetryInterval="5" RetryFolder="RETRY"/>

<RetrySettings> Attributes

  • AllowRetry[true|false] - This Boolean flag determines if the work flow will save messages for retry functionality. Defaults to true. If this is false it is assumed the retries will be handled via custom code.
  • MaxRetries – Sets the maximum number of times a particular message will be retried before it is moved into the failed status, defaults to 3.
  • RetryInterval – Sets the retry interval, in minutes, for any messages generated by the workflow. Defaults to 5.
  • RetryFolder - Sets the folder where retry messages are stored while pending retry.