Workflow is the root element that defines the workflow details. This can be configured to use standard sources and actions, or it can be configured to use customized sources and actions.

<Workflow> Attributes

RequireCompany - Boolean to identify if the workflow will require a DI-API company. This value defaults to true so it is optional. Would normally be used if you have actions that just run queries etc. and non-transactional actions.

Trace - [On|Off|OnError] - Use this attribute to troubleshoot or log additional information about the workflow objects and actions as they are processing. The default value is OnError which will log all Exceptions. Set the value to On to trace all debug information that is output from actions and message source objects. Off is not recommended, and can be used to disable logging entirely.

For production systems, Trace=OnError is the recommended setting to avoid excessive log files from being created.