Once a workflow has be configured, execution of that workflow should be monitored to identify business exceptions that prevent the workflow from being completed.

See Standard Workflows for instructions on setting up a workflow.

To monitor the status of workflow execution:

  • Log onto the Workflow Portal with a user who has been configured with the appropriate role (Under Work Flow Admin Portal application, assign the role WorkFlowAdmin).
  • Workflows with the status of SUCCESS have been successfully processed and no further action is necessary. In this case, you can archive successful workflow information to remove them from the queue.
  • Workflows with the status of FAILED or RETRY have not been successfully processed. In this case, a business exception has occurred that has prevented the workflow from properly finishing. In the case of RETRY, the workflow is in queue to be re-processed automatically. In the case of FAILED workflows, all retries have failed as well. In both cases, the details of the business exception can be inspected by drilling into the details of the workflow batch.
  • Business Exceptions must be corrected for FAILED or RETRY status workflows. Details on the cause of the business exceptions will be listed on the batch details, and will typically indicate what the cause of the problem is (for example, the chosen BP account is locked, or the Item Code does not exist). These business exceptions are typically resolved by a user with sufficient permissions inside SAP Business One.