Customer Portal payment methods for Invoice payments or B2B checkout can be configured as described here. View details for the available gateway providers and their associated configuration options.

Payment/Credit Card (CC) gateways or ACH gateways (USD only) may be configured to allow for payments to be accepted online.

Supported Payment Gateways are listed below, along with an associated vendor URL.

For multi-currency environments, payment gateways must be configured for each currency ISO code separately, even if multiple currencies share a single gateway. If a currency is not configured to accept payments, customers who are assigned that currency in SAP Business One will not see the payment options but will be able to see other details (such as account balance) in their assigned currency.

ACH Payments are only available for USD Invoice Payments. ACH is not supported during B2B Checkout.

When configuring Payment Gateway information, ensure all relevant fields are completed. Supported gateways are listed below.
When configuring Payment Gateway information, ensure all relevant fields are completed. Supported gateways are listed below.

For descriptions for each field, see Customer Portal Configuration - Payments Tab. Otherwise, follow the instructions below to set up a payment gateway.

To configure a payment gateway:

  • (Both CC and ACH) In SAP Business One, open InterConnect Manager AddOn > Administration > Customer Portal Config. Select the Payments tab.

  • (CC Only) Open the “Payment - Gateway” screen using the add (+) button.

  • (CC Only) Select the currency that this gateway will apply to. Note that when a single gateway can be used by multiple currencies, then each currency must be mapped to the same gateway settings separately. In this case, when gateway credentials need to be updated, they must be updated separately for each currency.

  • (Both CC and ACH) Select a Gateway from the drop-down (see markers 2 or 11 above).

  • (Both CC and ACH) Enter the gateway’s URL (see markers 3 and 14 above), as provided by the gateway vendor.

  • (Both CC and ACH) Enter the merchant login (see markers 4 and 12 above), as provided by the gateway vendor.

  • (Both CC and ACH) Enter the merchant password (see markers 5 and 15 above), as provided by the gateway vendor.

  • (ACH Only) Select the Transfer GL Account to be used by payments that use ACH.

  • (CC Only) Select the B1 CC Payment Method to be used by payments that use Credit Cards.

  • (Both CC and ACH) If required by the gateway vendor, enter custom field/value information. Note that many gateways do not require Special Fields, so these may be blank.

  • (CC Only) Add any B1 Credit Card types that will be accepted by this gateway. If the Credit Card option is not found in this list, the customer will not be able to use it as a payment option. Note that each Credit Card must be linked to a GL Account that is set up to accept payments in that currency.

For example, say PayflowPro accepts USD and CAD payments. One entry for PayFlowPro will use CAD, and a second entry, created using the Add (+) button will use USD. In the Payments section there will be 2 PayFlowPro settings, both with the same username and password, but each with a distinct currency.

Supported Payment Gateways

To ensure maximum compatibility and security we work with a PA-DSS (PCI Industry) certified software component for all credit card transactions. Below is a list of the payment gateways supported by the 3rd party payment gateway processing component used in our Portals. Gateways on this list should work out of the box with the following caveats:

  • We haven’t tested all of the gateways listed here. Specifically, we’ve tested with EBizCharge, Authorize.NET, BeanStream, Ogone, and Moneris.

  • Gateways that haven’t been tested should work, however additional configuration may be required to enable these gateways and these additional configuration steps are not contained in our documentation.

  • It is also possible that modifications to our software may be required to enable the listed gateway. If this is the case, we will provide a fix for customers with valid maintenance and running a currently supported version of our software.

  • As individual Gateways update their services and software, it is possible that our software may become out of step with the current gateway implementation. If this is the case we will work with our 3rd party payment gateway provider to get the updated component and, assuming the Portal is a current actively supported version, we will provide a hot fix through support. If an older version of our Portal software experiences this problem, we may likely require upgrading to a more recently supported version to generate a hot fix.

Payment Gateways List

Gateway Configuration option Vendor URL
No Gateway gwNoGateway n/a
EBizCharge by Century Business Solutions gwEBizcharge
Authorize.Net AIM gwAuthorizeNet
eProcessing Transparent Database Engine gwEprocessing
Intellipay ExpertLink gwIntellipay
iTransact RediCharge HTML gwITransact
NetBilling DirectMode gwNetBilling
Verisign PayFlow Pro gwPayFlowPro
USA ePay CGI Transaction Gateway gwUSAePay
Plug ‘n Pay gwPlugNPay
Planet Payment iPay gwPlanetPayment
RTWare gwRTWare
Bank of America (Global Gateway e4) gwBankOfAmerica
Innovative Gateway (PHP) gwInnovative
Merchant Anywhere (Transaction Central Classic) gwMerchantAnywhere
SkipJack gwSkipjack
3 Delta Systems (3DSI) EC-Linx gw3DSI
TrustCommerce API gwTrustCommerce
PayFuse XML (ClearCommerce Engine) gwPayFuse
PayFlow Link gwPayFlowLink
Chase Paymentech Orbital Gateway V5.6 gwOrbital
Moneris eSelect Plus Canada gwMoneris
Fast Transact VeloCT (Direct Mode) gwFastTransact
NetworkMerchants Direct-Post API gwNetworkMerchants
Ogone DirectLink gwOgone
TransFirst Transaction Central Classic (formerly PRIGate) gwPRIGate
Merchant Partners (Transaction Engine) gwMerchantPartners
CyberCash gwCyberCash
ACH Payments AGI gwACHPAyments
Payments Gateway AGI / Forte gwPaymentsGateway
Cyber Source SOAP API gwCyberSource
eWay XML API (Australia) gwEway
goEmerchant XML gwGoEMerchant
TransFirst eLink gwTransFirst
Thompson Merchant Services NexCommerce (iTransact mode) gwNexCommerce
WorldPay Select Junior Invisible gwWorldPay
TransFirst Transaction Central Classic gwTransactionCentral

Note: This is different from TransFirst eLink, supported above. The TransactionCentral gateway is also used by MerchantAnywhere and PRIGate
Sterling SPOT XML API (HTTPS POST) gwSterling
PayJunction Trinity Gateway gwPayJunction
SECPay (United Kingdom) API Solution gwSECPay
Payment Express PXPost gwPaymentExpress
Elavon/NOVA/My Virtual Merchant gwMyVirtualMerchant
Sage Payment Solutions (Bankcard HTTPS Post protocol) gwSagePayments
SecurePay (Script API/COM Object Interface) gwSecurePay
Moneris eSelect Plus USA gwMonerisUSA
Beanstream Process Transaction API gwBeanstream
Verifi Direct-Post API gwVerifi
SagePay Direct (Previously Protx) gwSagePay
Global Iris (HSBC) gwGlobalIris
PayTrace Payment Gateway gwPayTrace

Unsupported Gateways

The following gateways may be listed in SAP Business One, but are longer supported. These gateways are either no longer in service, or they are no longer compatible with Customer Portal.

Configuration option Details
gwDPI This gateway is no longer in service.
gwGoRealTime This gateway is no longer in service.
gwIBill This gateway is no longer in service.
gwIOnGate This gateway is no longer in service.
gwPayready This gateway is no longer in service.
gwViaKlix This gateway is no longer in service.
gwECHOnline This gateway is no longer in service.
gwLinkPoint LinkPoint gateways are no longer supported.
gwUSight This gateway is no longer in service.
gwEFSNet This gateway is no longer in service.
gwProtx This gateway is no longer in service.
gwOptimal This gateway is no longer in service.
gwFirstData LinkPoint gateways (including First Data Global Gateway) are no longer supported.
gwYourPay LinkPoint gateways (including YourPay) are no longer supported.
gwPayStream This gateway is no longer in service.
gwChase LinkPoint gateways (Including Chase Merchant Services) are no longer supported.
gwPaygea This gateway is no longer in service.