User-initiated emails allow Customer Portal users to send emails to configured Portal contacts.

User-Initiated Emails

As of version 93.6, users can email reports and documents directly from the Portal, allowing Portal users to send documents to configured Business Partner contacts. Data security is maintained by restricting email recipients to relevant account contacts.

A user can initiate sending a Portal email from the reports page or the document details page using the “Email” button on the upper right. If this button is not visible, then this feature is not configured. To enable Email functionality, SMTP setup is required by an administrator (as outlined below).

Email/SMTP Setup

Email functionality in each portal relies on settings in that portal’s config. Advanced features such as Order Pad can be configured with feature-specific notification options. At a minimum, SMTP settings must be configured to enable any email functionality for the Portals.

Customer Portal Email Configuration Overview

For Customer Portal, Email SMTP settings are configured under InterConnect Manager AddOn > Administration > Customer Portal Config in the Email Setup tab.

Advanced Options for Customer Portal are outlined in the following walkthroughs:

Configuration Settings


Default ‘From’ Address for email

In the “From” field, this is the address that will be displayed. Note that this is the fallback when overrides are not configured in advanced options.

This field is required to enable the “user-initiated emails” feature.

Override default ‘From Address for specific emails’

When checked, this overrides the from address as supplied by each feature-specific from address.

All feature-specific from addresses should be filled in when this option is enabled.

SMTP Server Name (DNS name or IP)

SMTP settings and credentials are provided by third-party SMTP service providers. Work with your SMTP service provider to confirm these settings are correct.

Note that “Enable SSL” is typically required. When an email provider requires a “secure connection” or “TLS”, then “Enable SSL” is the setting that must be enabled.

SMTP Server Name is required to enable the “user-initiated emails” feature.

User Name




Enable SSL