Expense User allows employees to quickly and easily enter Expense Claims for reimbursement. Administrative tasks that support this feature are described below.

Prior to Administration, Expense User must be configured. See Expense User Configuration Guide for details about setting up Expense User features.

Once Expense User has been installed and configured, Administrators may perform the following ongoing tasks:

Managing Booking/Paying Queues

Booking Queue allows admins to book hotel, car rentals, etc. on behalf of employees.

Paying Queue allows admins to review expenses paid by the company instead of the user submitting the expense (for example, with a company-issued credit card).

Both features can be accessed from the main menu by users who have the appropriate user role.

Approving Employee Requests and Claims

When submitting an Expense Request or Expense Claim, employees may require a manager’s approval before their expense will be reimbursed. When this feature is configured, managers will receive an email to notify them that their attention is required.

A manager must log into Employee Portal to approve (or reject) pending Expense Requests and Expense Claims. On the Expense Dashboard, expenses are listed at the top of the page.

To review a request or claim, open that request/claim and review the details within. Once review is complete, it may be approved or rejected using the buttons at the bottom of the page.

If the expense is large enough, a second level of approvals may be required (for example, the expense manager’s manager). In this case, the second manager will also have to approve the expense before the end-user can receive reimbursement.