Version 6 introduced Expense User functionality and responsive mobile design.

Employee Portal

  • New Expense User feature for Employee Portal. This is a new named user license that allows employees to manage expense requests and claims and associated attachments on any device. It provides a web-based workflow mechanism for managing approvals and has centralized booking management. It includes deep integration with Business One with user management based on Employee Master records and Vendor BPs, automated PO creation for expense claims and company paid request lines and UDO data storage for all data for centralized reporting. InterConnect Manager Add-On has been updated to allow users to manage the overall Expense User config, configure Expense Users and manage Expense Types.
  • New responsive design based on the Bootstrap responsive design framework. This includes refactoring of the existing base Employee Portal, Sales User and Order Pad screens to work well on all devices.
  • Upgrade DevExpress controls from V11.2 to V13.1
  • Additional Changes and Bug Fixes
    • Fix ZEP-239: For Sales User, on the edit Business Partner and Opportunity screens, update dynamic UDFs to include support for DateTime, decimal and integer masked fields.
    • Fix ZEP-241: Include resx reference to password label in the login page.
    • Fix ZEP-242: For Order Pad, allow the delivery date to equal the doc date.
    • Fix ZEP-246: BPs/Customers should not be able to login to the employee Portal.
    • For Order Pad, added EU currency format support to Orderpad Summary XSLT.
    • Changes to installer script to remove unmodified partial class stubs in the custom folder.

Warning: Being a major release of Employee Portal, upgrading from a previous 5.x or earlier version to 6 or higher will likely introduce breaking changes. We strongly advise testing the upgrade on a test system and backing up all files and databases before performing a production upgrade. Some specific things to watch for are:

  • The new responsive design potentially introduces breaking changes in the user interface for existing customizations.
  • The upgraded DevExpress controls may result in the loss of saved named templates for existing Grid and Pivot reports.
  • Due to responsive design changes and new functionality in Expense User, IE 9.0 and earlier are no longer fully supported. We recommend IE 10 and higher and recent versions of Chrome, Safari or Firefox. (Chrome 31, Firefox 28 and Safari 7.1 were used in testing).

Customer Portal

6.1 was a minor release for Customer Portal with mostly bug fixes and minor enhancements. There are no major features for Customer Portal in 6.1

  • Clean-up of language resource strings to include some missed labels.
  • Fixed issue with account balance and pay now buttons not being properly hidden based on user roles.
  • Fixed a validation issue around non custom shipping addresses.
  • Fix JCP-36: noGateway option for credit card config didn't enable testing of Credit Card functionality.
  • Various localization and multi-current fixes.


As of version 5, Portals are packaged together in a single download for ease of installation. As a result, updates to the package may result in changes to some Portals and not others. The following table outlines which versions require an upgrade to obtain the latest features.

Any Portal prior to version 6 may require data migration before it can be upgraded to the latest version. Speak with an implementation consultant for more information.

Portal Compatibility Matrix Version 6
6.1 SQL 2008 and 2012
Customer Portal New feature:
  • Moblie-ready responsive design.
  • Updated language strings.
  • Misc. bug fixes.
Employee Portal New features:
  • Expense User feature.
  • Mobile-ready responsive design.
Vendor Portal New feature: Moblie-ready responsive design.
Web Integration Toolkit Workflow Portal New feature: Moblie-ready responsive design.

SAP Business One Unsupported Versions

From time to time, issues arise with specific releases of SAP Business One. The following SAP Business One versions are unsupported due to known issues. This list will be updated as issues are identified:

  • SAP Business One 9.0 PL11 - Do not use. Known SAP SDK issues that prevent reading or writing UDF/UDT info.
  • SAP Business One 8.82 PL06 - Do not use. Known issues related to Period and Volume discounts.
  • SAP Business One 8.82 PL03 - Do not use. Early release of 8.82.
  • SAP Business One 8.82 PL02 - Do not use. Early release of 8.82.
  • SAP Business One 8.82 PL01 - Do not use. Early release of 8.82.