The following checklists provide a quick reference for tasks that should be completed by administrator users to ensure effective opperation of SPS Cloud EDI.
Administrator Maintenance Checklists
One-time maintenance setup

If desired, a workflow may be enabled to automate certain maintenance tasks

You may run an automated log archive workflow, which will automatically perform archival of old logs. As part of configuration, you can specify how long you want to keep logs. To set up this automated workflow:

  • In the Workflow Portal, go to "Workflows".

  • Open the zed_log_rotate workflow by clicking on the ID link for that workflow.

  • In the workflow, ensure the "DaysToKeep" parameter is set to your desired value. Anything older than this number of days will be archived. By default, this is 1 day, so ensure this is set to your business needs.

  • Place a check-mark in the "Enabled" check-box. This will turn on the workflow.

  • Save to apply any changes. Now the workflow will run on a schedule, which will archive log files older than the specified number of days.

Daily Administration Tasks

These tasks are recommended to ensure business exceptions are handled in a timely manner.

Refer to Daily User Checklist for daily tasks.

Monthly Administration Tasks

These tasks are recommended to ensure SPS Commerce Cloud EDI continues to operate efficiently long-term.

Monthly Administration Task Checklist
Task Description

Archive outdated workflow data and logging info

Log files are created and updated when transactions occur, and include basic information so that you can troubleshoot as needed. However, these files will grow over time, and require cleanup to ensure they don't grow too large and tie up system resources.

For a walkthrough of log cleanup, see Workflow Maintenance walk-through for InterConnect.