TWBS Ship Easy is a third-party add-on for SAP Business One. To ensure support for this add-on, update the 'B1WebAPI_SPS856/PackingSlip' query in SAP Business One. This setup should be completed during initial implementation.

Note that other third-party shipping software may require further edits to the query. In this case, speak with your Vision33 consultant to ensure compatibility.

  • In SAP Business One, open Tools > Queries > User Queries > B1WebAPI_SPS856 > PackingSlip

  • In a text editor, open the XML file \_AddonCfg\_CustomQueries\_TWBS.xml, found in your Vision33 Server Tools installation. The default location for this file is: C:\Program Files (x86)/zedIT/zed B1WebAPI\zedSuite Server Tools/MetaData/ZSPS/ConfigXml/\_AddonCfg\_CustomQueries\_TWBS.xml.

  • Copy the PackingSlip query from the file to SAP Business One, making sure to only copy the query contents and not the surrounding CDATA tag. If you require assistance with this step, speak with your Vision33 consultant.

  • Overwrite the default B1WebAPI_SPS856/PackingSlip query and save it to SAP Business One.

  • Restart the Workflow Windows service named `zedB1WorkFlowService`.