Preparing to install SPS Cloud EDI

Required software

  • SAP Business One Client
  • SAP Business One DI-API 32-bit and 64-bit
  • All Portal requirements

An understanding of installing SAP Business One add-ons in servers and clients is required.


There are several guides available on the Help site which describe the install process to follow.

SPS Cloud EDI requires the installation of the following components. Complete the Portal Implementation Guide with the following components:<div class="info-block-wrapper col-12 col-sm-6">

B1WebAPI for InterConnect
See Release Notes for supported versions

The B1WebAPI is the InterConnect component that allows SPS Cloud EDI to update and query SAP Business One data.

See Installing B1WebAPI in the Portal Installation Guide.


Vision33 Server Tools
See Release Notes for supported versions

Vision33 Server Tools handles licensing and meta-data installation for SPS Cloud EDI.

See Installing Vision33 Server Tools in the Portal Installation Guide.

Manager Add-On
See Release Notes for supported versions

The Manager Add-On for SAP Business One is used to configure admin users for InterConnect Workflow Portal.

See Installing the Manager Add-On in the Portal Installation Guide.

Workflow Portal for InterConnect
See Release Notes for supported versions

Workflow Portal for InterConnect is required to install and configure the EDI workflows used by SPS Cloud EDI.

See Installing Workflow Portal in the Portal Installation Guide. Ensure the Workflow Service option is enabled.

Workflow Service
See Release Notes for supported versions

Workflow Service automatically runs all configured EDI workflows that have been configured with Workflow Portal. It's typically installed as part of the Workflow Portal and is required for SPS Cloud EDI.

SPS Cloud EDI Install

Once all prerequisite components have been installed and licensed the next step is to deploy the SPS Cloud EDI solution.

Meta Data Install

SPS meta data is installed using Vision33 Server tools. Metadata installation updates the database structure in SAP Business One, so this will temporarily disrupt SAP Business One usage until installation has completed.

For new installations (SP4 for B1 9.1 or later), apply your SPS Cloud EDI application license and confirm metadata installation.

For upgrades of versions prior to SP4 for B1 9.1 (91.4), you must first upgrade to the latest supported version.

For upgrades where the old version is SP4 for B1 9.1 or later, use Vision33 Server Tools to update the metadata. First, drag and drop the included metadata zip file into Vision33 Server Tools zip folder (by default: C:/Program Files (x86)/zedIT/zedSuite Server Tools/MetaData/zips). Next, open Vision33 Server Tools licensing. Use the “Update” button next to the SPS Application License to apply updated metadata.

SPS Cloud EDI Addon (SPS Connector Addon folder)

SPS Cloud EDI is the main management application used to configure and monitor the integration. Install file SPS Connector found in the SPS Connector Addon folder via standard B1 installation process. The addon creates a couple of new UDOs inside of the Business One application which will force a restart of the client.

SPS Cloud EDI Files

Copy the files from the SPS WorkFlow Custom folder extracted via the download package into the InterConnect Workflow Service install directory. This will deploy the SPS Cloud EDI files used for integration. This directory is usually located at C:/Program Files (x86)/zedIT/zed WorkFlow/service/.

Configuration Steps (SPS WorkFlow XML/Config)

Update the required SFTP information that was deployed in the file SFTPConfig.xml located in the config directory here: C:/Program Files (x86)/zedIT/zed WorkFlow/service/Config/

Update Work flow service configuration file B1WorkFlowService.exe.config located in C:/Program Files (x86)/zedIT/zed WorkFlow/service/ to include required changes listed below:

Add these rows to the CustomWorkFlowClass section:

<add key="SPS.Connector.DAL.Actions.SPS_OrderAck" value="SPS.Connector.DAL.dll" />
<add key="SPS.Connector.DAL.MessageSources.SFTP_SPS_EDI" value="SPS.Connector.DAL.dll" />
<add key="SPS.Connector.DAL.Actions.SPS_Sender" value="SPS.Connector.DAL.dll" />
<add key="SPS.Connector.DAL.Actions.SPS_ASN" value="SPS.Connector.DAL.dll" />
<add key="SPS.Connector.DAL.Actions.SPS_Order" value="SPS.Connector.DAL.dll"/>
<add key="SPS.Connector.DAL.Actions.SPS_Invoice" value="SPS.Connector.DAL.dll"/>
<add key="SPS.Connector.DAL.Actions.SPS_Operations" value="SPS.Connector.DAL.dll"/>
<add key="SPS.Connector.DAL.Actions.SPS_ShippingOrder" value="SPS.Connector.DAL.dll" />
<add key="SPS.Connector.DAL.Actions.SPS_ShipmentAdvice" value="SPS.Connector.DAL.dll" />
<add key="SPS.Connector.DAL.Actions.SPS_ShipmentASN" value="SPS.Connector.DAL.dll" />

If implementing 846 documents, also include the line below:

<add key="SPS.Connector.DAL.Actions.SPS_InventoryAdvice" value="SPS.Connector.DAL.dll" />

Once this has been done you can start the B1 Workflow service.

Basic Troubleshooting and logging information

Depending on the issue, log files may be needed to troubleshoot further. Typically these would all be found on the B1 server.

  • B1WebAPI log files can be found in the logs folder of the B1WebAPI installation, typically C:/Program Files (x86)/zedIT/zed B1WebAPI/logs/. Typically, this is installed on the SAP Business One server.

  • Workflow Portal log files can be found in the Workflow portal website folder, typically C:/Program Files (x86)/zedIT/zed WorkFlow/logs/

  • InterConnect has a number of logging areas that can be reviewed for troubleshooting:

    • Core service log files C:/Program Files (x86)/zedIT/zed WorkFlow/service/logs/.

    • Debug transform XML information C:/Program Files (x86)/zedIT/zed WorkFlow/service/logs/TransactionXML/.

    • zed_Log table contains detailed logging information.

To troubleshoot any issues with any installed addons review the log files from the following locations:

  • The Manager Add-On: C:/Program Files/SAP/SAP Business One/AddOns/ZED/zedSuite Manager/.

  • SPS Cloud EDI: C:/Program Files/SAP/SAP Business One/AddOns/SPS/SPS Connector AddOn/.