SPS Qualifiers for Allowance and Charge Codes (AllowChrgCode) are defined below.
Allowance and Charge Code SPS Qualifiers (AllowChrgCode)
Qualifier Definition
A010 Absolute Minimum Charge
A170 Adjustments
A260 Advertising
A400 Allowance NonPerformance
A530 Basic Reorder
A630 Blocking and Bracing
A720 Broken Package
A730 Brokerage or Duty
A990 Cataloging Services
B190 Closing and Sealing
B210 Co-op Credit
B320 Competitive Allowance
B560 Container
B720 Cooperative Advertising/Merchandising
B750 Core Charged
B800 Credit
B870 Customs
B940 Cutting
B950 Damaged Merchandise
C000 Defective
C030 Delivery Surcharge
C040 Delivery
C090 Deposit Charges
C300 Discount Special
C310 Discount
C320 Display
C350 Distributor Discount
C540 Early Buy
C550 Early Payment
C560 Early Ship
C680 Environmental Protection Service
D170 Free Goods
D200 Freight Charges To Destination
D230 Freight Surcharge
D240 Freight
D260 Fuel
D270 Fuel Surcharge
D340 Goods and Services Charge
D540 Domestic Hazardous Materials Handling Fee
D550 International Hazardous Materials Handling Fee
D920 Insurance Fee
D980 Insurance
E160 Label
E350 Letter of Credit Processing
E550 Market Development Funds
E730 New Item
E740 New Store
E760 New Warehouse
E800 No Return Credit Allowance
F110 Overrun
F180 Pallet
F190 Palletizing
F280 Performance Allowance
F340 Pick/Up
F800 Promotional
F910 Quantity
F920 Quantity Surcharge
G090 Recovery Fee
G100 Recovery
G170 Redistribution
G360 Repack Charge
G470 Restocking
G520 Returned Load
G660 Scrap
G821 Shipping
G830 Shipping and Handling
G860 Shrink
G870 Shrink Wrap
G890 Single Invoice
G970 Small Order
H000 Special Allowance
H010 Special Buy
H060 Special Equipment
H090 Special Handling
H490 Tobacco Tax
H540 Supplemental Items
H550 Surcharge
H560 Swell
H625 Beverage Tax
H630 City Sales Tax (Only)
H650 Excise Tax - Origin
H660 Federal Excise Tax (FET)
H700 Local Tax
H730 Local Sales Tax (QST)
H740 Sales and Use
H750 State and Local Sales Tax
H760 State Hazardous
H770 State Tax
H806 Tax Credit
H850 Tax
H920 Temporary
I060 Ticketing Service
I160 Track Storage
I170 Trade Discount
I310 Truckload Discount
I410 Unsaleable Merchandise
I530 Volume Discount
I570 Warehouse
I590 Warranties
UNDF Undefined Charge/Allowance