Version 91 was released to provide support for SAP Business One 9.1. This version was replaced by version 92.

Version 91.4 - SPS Cloud EDI

Version 91.4 features a number of usability improvements.

  • Added support for configurable alerts in SAP Business One
  • Added message data tree editor which allows for in-place editing of message data, which may be re-sent after editing
  • Added support for Advance Shipment Notice (856) service level code
  • Simplified deployment for environments with test and production companies
  • Improved support for message retries, including successful messages
  • Improved error message details, allowing business exceptions to be identified and resolved more quickly
  • Improved add-on layout
  • Improved log support, including the ability to export logs to text files

Version 91.1 - SPS Cloud EDI

The goal of this release was 3PL (Third-Party Logistics) document support.

  • Added support for EDI Documents:
    • Outbound Warehouse Shipping Order (940)
    • Inbound Warehouse Shipping Advice (945)

Version 91.0 - SPS Cloud EDI

Version 91.0 features compatibility with SAP Business One 9.1.