SSCC-18 (UCC-128) numbers can be automatically generated for ASN (Advanced Shipping Notice) forms in Add mode. This number will be automatically updated on the related Deliveries and Packages. There is no support for Update mode auto-generation.

To automatically generate SSCC-18 numbers, press the “Add” button on the ASN form. This will allow the SPS Commerce Cloud EDI add-on to check the UCC UDF (U_ZSPS_UCC128) and determine what the appropriate value should be.

If the UDF is empty, then a new UCC number will be generated based on the following:

  • Get the company prefix stored on database (see SSCC-18 Configuration) and confirm that the length is between 7 and 10 characters.
  • Get the next serial number from the database using the extension digit, if used (found in the table @ZSPS_SRLSEQUENCER) and increment this value by 1.
  • Generate the SSCC-18 (UCC-128) number using the serial number generated in the previous step.

Once the SSCC-18/UCC-128 number has been generated, this will be set on the package UDF for the ASN and related documents.

If the UDF is not empty, then the number will be validated based on the following:

  • The length of the SSCC-18 number must be 18 characters in length.
  • The company prefix, as stored in the database (see SSCC-18 Configuration), must be between 7 and 10 characters in length.
  • The company prefix in the UDF must be the same as the Company Prefix stored in database.
  • Verify that the check digit is the same as the auto-generated value.

Note that if an SSCC-18 number is manually entered and is found to be incorrect, an error will be displayed in SAP Business One. The number must be re-entered so that it’s valid, or else the add-on will not permit the SSCC-18 number to be added to the ASN.